Any business, whether a start-up or an established one, needs various types of enduring services and solutions in the different facets of its business life cycle. We offer a range of legal and business services and solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs as well as to established businesses to achieve and to enhance their business goals by integrating research, knowledge, experience, best practices and processes. 

LEXMANTIS offers services in the following areas:

Intellectual Property Services:
  • IP Protection & Registration – in international jurisdictions too
  • IP Prosecution  - filing , prosecuting/opposing IP applications, replying to office actions
  • IP Searches(patents, trademarks, etc)-  prior art, validity & infringement analysis
  • Drafting of claims & specifications for intellectual properties
  • IP Transactions including licenses, assignment & sales
  • Litigation and enforcement, including mediation and negotiations
  • IP Management & Strategy – Patent mining & mapping, due diligence & risk analysis(rating)
  • IP Portfolio management
  • IP financing/ funding
  • Training and counselling in  intellectual property law and capacity building

Corporate Law services:
  • Advisory for entity formation and structuring
  • Entity formation and regulatory  compliance facilitation
  • Corporate agreements, charter documents, and  byelaws
  • Joint ventures, M & A, and strategic alliances
  • Entity and intangible valuations
  • Corporate transactions
  • Training and counselling in specific areas of corporate law

Other Services:
  • Real estates’ contract advisory and management,  cooperative law,
  • Hospitality
  • Academic training and support services
  • Legal Research services
  • Litigation Support services